how to live free: ship rin with everyone

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fanart of satan from devilman!!

fanart of satan from devilman!!

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Anonymous said: UR COMIC W/ XAVIER AND AUGUSTE WAS SO GR8. i would probs die happy if you made a continuation tbh

wah! thanks so much

^q^ i’ll think about it hehe..

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I made an instagram for my oc xavier lol…

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Anonymous said: do you plan on doing anything in the art industry?? you've definitely worked hard enough to get in easily

ahh yeah! i want to try getting into video game art or like visual development.. idk! ^_T but thank you so much!

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Anonymous said: oh dude, youre a fast learner, ive seen your art when you just started posting on tumblr and your art now and youve improved so much, give yourself a pat on the back. it seemed like you put a lot of effort in the stuff you make. youre a really great artist and you'll do so much more in the future, im sure of it. youre an inspiration and thanks so much for showing us your art

thank you so much!!

god you are so sweet anon… T_T thanks for following me for so long. sometimes i feel like i didn’t work as hard as i could have but i guess i should just put that behind me… since i can’t really fix it now ahah. thanks so much for the encouragement and support! i’ll try harder as well!!

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fleonification said: I've legit weeped about 4 times now over your blog. Your talent in incredible, and being your age is just UGH its mindblowing.Your art is beyond words. Beyond incredible. Did you practice every day? Could you show us some early sketches??? And did you give up here and there? Cause that's where I feel I'm at... But your art keeps me going, but it also stabs me in the heart because it's beyond words how talented you are and also being younger than me. Huge fan right now LololoLOL.

ohh gosh thanks so much T_T i guess i do practice most everyday?! at least a doodle haha..

as for the old sketches.. get ready to see some embarrassing stuff!! ^_T

eh and tumblr is getting glitchy and isn’t letting me upload anymore right now, but you get the point!! haha that one’s from around 5th grade @_@

as for giving up… i do i guess, but i always feel terrible about it so i push myself even if it’s not really a good idea to do that.. just be optimistic!

thank you again! T_T but don’t let my dull art stab ur precious heart ok?? lets all improve together ^_^

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Anonymous said: You're 16 and you draw all that shit? Did your parents ever considered to take you into a mental hospital ?

lol idk brah my parents don’t see what i draw

sry i’m a hazard to the internet!!!!!

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sousuke makes me sad

sousuke makes me sad

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doodle shit from pchat last night

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sweats… i made a comic thing of my oc and igi’s on a whim yesterday 

took me like a few hours but it was fun haha…

auguste is igi’s

random chinese is cos xavier’s chinese idk if iDK LOL i have bad grammar so i hope it makes sense pfff

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i made a list of ocs so i had ppl on twitter give me a number and i’d draw them ^q^ it was pretty fun lolll 
i guess i’ll take numbers here too if anyone cares ^__T

i made a list of ocs so i had ppl on twitter give me a number and i’d draw them ^q^ it was pretty fun lolll 

i guess i’ll take numbers here too if anyone cares ^__T

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Anonymous said: sry 4 this dumb but question but when u paint in b&w how do u switch it to color? T_T

ohh it’s not a dumb question! ahha i’ve asked it so many times before.. uhh honestly i’m not too sure how to either but i try to use a color layer to introduce base colors and then i use an overlay layer to tweek values and add in more subtle colors @_@ though this is just me experimenting;;; 

dave rapoza has this video on grayscale to color and also this one which is type of method i use i guess..

idk i hope this helps! tumblr has other resources tooo.. like this one guy did a tutorial on his blog but i can’t seem to find it at the moment @_@;; good luck! experiment lots

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oooooold drawings 

organized from oldest to newest.. probably

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Buncha crap
Pen drawings are real fun!!

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